Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Girl Birthday Party

Today's party was an American Girl party for my daughter.  We had so much fun planning it.  I have a friend who sells close to my heart.  She came and did scrapbooks with the girls.  Each girl went home with a full scrapbook of 15 pages.  I took pictures of each of their dolls. 

This was the table setup for the food.  I found some great after Christmas sales and got some red things just to add some color.  The red trees were $1.50!!  I also used a lot of stars.
This was the cake..a shopping bag.  so cute!!!

Jello push pops.  I found these at a party store, you can fill them with anything!
Star Fruit, not for taste only for looks!!!
The table for the girls to sit at.  Each girl had a place setting for them and for their doll.  They loved it.
 A close up of the place setting.
 She loves American Girl!!

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