Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Girl Birthday Party

Today's party was an American Girl party for my daughter.  We had so much fun planning it.  I have a friend who sells close to my heart.  She came and did scrapbooks with the girls.  Each girl went home with a full scrapbook of 15 pages.  I took pictures of each of their dolls. 

This was the table setup for the food.  I found some great after Christmas sales and got some red things just to add some color.  The red trees were $1.50!!  I also used a lot of stars.
This was the cake..a shopping bag.  so cute!!!

Jello push pops.  I found these at a party store, you can fill them with anything!
Star Fruit, not for taste only for looks!!!
The table for the girls to sit at.  Each girl had a place setting for them and for their doll.  They loved it.
 A close up of the place setting.
 She loves American Girl!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

An afternoon in Paris

My latest party....My sister lives far away from me but I was still able to help her with this.  I did some of the leg work but she pulled it off in style!!  Of course, all the paper products were made with my cricut.  Here is the invitation:
My sister did an amazing job with the table, food, and decor.  Here is what the kids first saw when they came to the party.  For the streamers, she twisted them and hung them on a fishing wire.  so cute!!

She also got some fabric and made bows on all the chairs.  All the colors were red, blue, and yellow. 

All of the eifel towers were made using the cricut.  The cartridge I used makes 3d items.  She used different colored plates to make it more awesome!!  I made some papers and she glued them on mason jars.  

 How awesome are these???  She just took some felt and ribbon and walla..coats for each girl.  The hats?  They are yellow paper plates and bowls.  so easy!!
 She made cupcakes and then she made pinwheels to go on top.  So adorable.
 The table.  I made some cute signs, she added some great stuff from around her house, and some red fabric for the table. 
 Even the juice was red and blue!!!
 The end of the party:  the goodie bag.  She filled them with all things red, blue, and yellow.  The best part:  crayons.  They were purchased on etsy, they are crayons melted into shapes.  So cute.